Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Marina was summoning me

Summer days always call for some time outside with friends. And well, this was part of my day out. The photographer, Carol (upper right in bottom pic), who is extraordinarily  in good at what she does and who also is like a cousin to me, and my best friend, Adriana (far left in bottom pic), the one who helped me model and laugh through the snapping of pics. These two started my summer off right. The summer of all summer. The summer that changed my life. And it's only beginning...

This piece was thrifted from a local shop.
These cut-off booties I wear non-stop. They're from H&M and the small heel is so comfy!
Top is from Love Culture. Black lace kimono is from Topshop.

A New Beginning

So this is it, the blog I have always been too afraid to start. The dream that has always been too far from my reach, the goal that was always an impossible. Well today, I'm changing that. I'm just going to do what I love and let the world decide if it for me. Besides, who better to make you happy then yourself. Here's to my blog filled with things I love, fashion, celebs, friends, trends, and happiness. Enjoy. :)